There are a number of different causes of hair loss. Hair loss problems affect up to 80% of men over 50 and a high percentage of those between 30 and 40.

Male hair loss is usually greatest on the crown and forehead. For women, as well as a high percentage of men, considerable hair loss can be caused by moments of stress, climate changes and diet. During the menopause, up to 50% of women suffer significant hair loss.

Most experts agree that one of the main reasons why we lose hair is a reduction in blood flow to the capillaries that transport oxygen, nutrients and antioxidants to the hair bulb. This means that the bulb is deprived of the fundamental substances it needs to produce hair. The consequence, in addition to lack of hair growth or lack of healthy, strong hair, is that, as it no longer receives the material it needs to produce hair, the bulb stops working, which exacerbates the problem. Over time, this gradually weakens and narrows the hair follicles, which shrink and are eventually unable to produce hair.

Ricapil Rapid® is a cosmetic product for topical use to be applied directly to the scalp that draws on a blend of 9 medicinal herb extracts, chosen to stimulate the blood supply to distressed hair bulbs.
The treatment gives the hair bulb the substances it needs, strengthening it and helping to reduce further hair loss. If the bulb is still alive, Ricapil Rapid® helps restore it to action and stimulates natural hair regrowth.

Allows a better distribution and ease of application as well as creating a rapid contact between the formula and the layers of skin that house the hair follicle. When it comes into contact with the skin, the mousse delivers a pleasant feeling of light, fresh effervescence, similar to the fizzing of bubbles in sparkling water. The energy produced as the mousse bursts is able to cause a local micro stimulation of the skin, which further contributes to a positive outcome.

The tolerability and efficacy of Ricapil® formula were studied in a long-term clinical trial conducted in the Dermatology Clinic of an Italian University. At the end of treatment, a general improvement was observed and specifically:
• in the normalization of seborrhea
desquamation, for healthier, better-looking hair in just two weeks
• in a reduction in hair loss, after one month
of treatment
• in the stimulation of natural regrowth, after
about 3 months of daily application.

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